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New shirts in store

From Nathalie (Crew), on 2014-01-17 at 10:00

Check out our new amusing shirts in store, one by Malo_And_The_Whale, and one by Nikor.

This town ain’t big enough by Malo_And_the_Whale – A western & funny shirt

This town ain't big enough


Mess 2 by nikor – A humoristic shirt

mess2 de niko

Print details

detail mess 2

Mess 2

We reminder you that all new shirts are 19 euros instead of 23 euros from MONDAYS TO WEDNESDAYS.

Have a nice shopping time at laFraise!

A Tasty Picknick With The Munsters

From Thomas (Crew), on 2014-01-16 at 14:18

Who would have thought that this selection would turn out like this? Malo & George, our old friends rocked completely against their very strong competitors. Both designs gathered around 30 hearts within this week. The common growth is around 10-20 hearts per design. As far as we can say by now.  So you can see how both designs succeeded.  Georgeslemercenaire came up with the idea for the adaption of Édouard Manet’s painting “The Bath” or “The Luncheon on the Grass” and turned it into a family picknick of The Munsters and friends.
Malo & The Whale’s illustration of a typical day in a workers life was also a big success. The cute little guy found a lot of fans even inside our team. Let’s see

We are very happy about these results and we hope this is proving, that our new contest model is still a good idea. Congratulations to both designers for their cool artworks!


Déjeunersurl’herbeRetroMonsteR by Georgeslemercenaire


Daily Routine

Daily Routine by Malo & The Whale


SALE: All hoodies now € 15!

From Nathalie (Crew), on 2014-01-16 at 08:00
Hey folks,
The Sales are coming to town with laFraise this week, so keep your eyes well peeled: All hoodies are now €15 only!
Get into gear to get yours at this insanely low price before the Batman does…
laFraise wishes a happy bargain hunting!”

Hey folks,

The Sales are coming to town with laFraise this week, so keep your eyes well peeled: All hoodies are now €15 only! Get into gear to get yours at this insanely low price before the Batman does…

laFraise wishes a happy bargain hunting!”

Adios Old Blog. Hello New Blog!

From Katinka (Crew), on 2014-01-15 at 15:26

We are more than happy to announce our new blog! It is online! Woop woop!

From now on you will find all news, facts and stories about your favourite topic – the shirt – in the new blog. Check it out now!

This blog will be dead by tomorrow. So please say goodbye and directly after that HELLO to all of us, checking the new blog.

See you there. Have fun!

Yours laFraise

Important: Please update your bank account data NOW!

From Nathalie (Crew), on 2014-01-15 at 14:00

You may have heard of the new EU payment system called SEPA. The new system requires stating your complete IBAN and BIC information. Please be sure to state the codes correctly.

It’s easy.

Please go to your profile and update your account data by stating the IBAN and BIC codes.

Thank you!

Your laFraise team

This year we introduce you a new “Graphic design school & universities” section. You will find out interviews with directors, teachers of these arts & graphic design schools.

Our aim is to inspire the ones who want to attend such schools and find new talents as well. This section will be useful and garanty informations like the entry conditions, the classes and life on campus, so that you can prepare it your next school year quietly.

We hope you will like it and we start today with Sandra Giegler from the Dessau university in Germany.



What do you do at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau?

I’m a research assistant in Dessau, and I’m also doing a PhD in Weimar at the Bauhaus University at the department of Art and Design, Free Art and Media. Here in Dessau, I have a part time position. On the one hand I’m responsible for coordinating the international MA programme for design, and on the other hand I teach design theory.


Is the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences a private or public institute?

Public. We receive the usual state funding, which is common for most universities in Germany.

What qualifications and requirements do you need to fulfil in order to study the international MAID (Master of Integrated Design) programme?

A degree that bears relation to design. This means that we accept applications by people who do not necessarily hold a BA in design, graphic art or product design. We have, for example, students with a background in film or architecture. The only thing that’s really necessary is that the degree is a BA or similar, and that the degree provides evidence of a creative direction. Here it is not important whether this degree was attained at a public or private institute. What is important is that the applicant can provide proof of the necessary credits, and that he or she submits an interesting and   versatile portfolio. Our integrated course programme requires a broad focus on a variety of design topics, and this of course calls for a broad array of abilities.


Does the MAID programme have a special focus on any particular area of design?

No, it doesn’t. And that’s the good thing about it! We call this approach the ‘Dessau Model‘, and it is practiced both in the BA and MA programme. Our students get an opportunity to further their knowledge in all areas of design with the exception of fashion design. We want to help equip our students with a broad variety skills and abilities in all disciplines of designs. It is only towards the end of their studies that they need to narrow their focus down to a certain topic in order to write their BA or MA thesis.

Is this special, or do you find this approach at many universities?

It is quite unique. Usually students decide on a certain direction at the beginning of their studies. As far as I know, we were the only university in Germany that used to offer it for quite some time. Now you can also study ‘integrated design‘ in Coburg and Bremen.


What costs do students face when studying the MAID programme?

Next to the costs of living (accommodation, food etc.), there are €132 registration fees per year, and an additional €600 per year to cover costs for material, excursions and guest speakers. Seeing that there is no tuition fee, the programme is actually quite inexpensive, particularly when compared to other international universities.


How do you apply for the programme?

In print. These days it’s quite customary to submit applications in digital format, either online or on a CD.  We do, however, demand the submission of a portfolio in print and bound to a book. This is important to us as we want the applicant to apply great care and adhere to a high standard of quality. Then a commission decides on whether the application gets accepted or not.

Are there any famous graduates who emerged from the department of design in Dessau?

Not as far as I know! Maybe this is due to the spirit of Bauhaus that is not about fame and honor, but a certain commitment to society ever since its emergence in the 1920s.  In the past 10 years, our programme has produced graduates who have become successful designers in their job, and who play their part by offering their service to a sector of our society. And I think that’s quite positive as we’ve not taken up the cause of creating star designers here in Dessau :-)

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Interview with Azhron

From Nathalie (Crew), on 2014-01-13 at 10:00

Hi Azrhon,

Please introduce yourself in a few words, tell us who you are and where you come from. How and why did you become a graphic designer?
Hello laFraise, my name is Ronnel Cabardo (aka azrhon/roncabardz). I’m from the friendly city of Cebu, Philippines. Drawing has been my outlet for expression and a hobby since my childhood. I love computers and playing games a lot. And because of my passion for arts I decided to pursue graphic design. I learn graphic design through self study, and it is quite a challenging experience.

What do you like to draw?

I’m a portrait guy and still spend a lot of time studying faces. Currently, I’m also enjoying human anatomy.






Which music do you listen to when drawing? And where do you look for inspiration in general?

Mostly alternative rock. Acoustic and instrumental songs when I’m drawing, but it really depends on my mood. I listen to everything from classic to death metal.

How long have you known laFraise and how did you find us?

I have known laFraise for 3 year now, I think. I’m not really good at vector illustration, but I just decided to try some of my ideas in this format. I found out about laFraise through other artists, and so far I’m enjoying the community, and especially the artwork here. By the way, the new site looks really awesome!!!

What are your 4 favorite printed designs at laFraise?

I would choose Last Judgement by Gums as my number 4. I really love the concept and the funny face of the character.

Last judgement Gums

No. 3 is The Witness by Anythinggoes, I’m a big fan of his works and this piece is just purely awesome!

The witness Anythinggoes

No. 2 is Black Hole – great design by digitalorgasm, this guy just won’t run out of ideas, and his art is consistenly awesome! Really love his style and his concepts.

Black Hole Digital Orgasm

No.1 is Make love not war by MonkFactory. This is design just hit the jackpot when it comes to concept, and the art is awesome too.

Make love not war Monkfactory

What is your favorite website and do you have any favorite artists ?

Uhmmmm….yahoomail? Probably because I open it almost every day to see client emails, lol! I admire a lot of artists in the T-shirt community, and they also give me a lot of inspiration. Artist like Nicebleed, Mathiole, Kyle Cobban, Dan Mumford, Christopher Lovell.

Do you have hobbies other than drawing? What are they?

Computer games, football, gym, and basketball.

If you were …

- A movie – Army of Darkness

- A band – Dream Theater

- A color – Black

- A book – Tales of the Macabre

- A famous person (dead or alive) – George Carlin

Could you please draw us your interpretation of strawberries with chantilly crème?


classic contest: cat content and space burgers

From Thomas (Crew), on 2014-01-09 at 15:30

Alea iacta est. The eagle has landed… and here are the results of from our latest classic contest.
Miss_Alex’ spaceburger seemed to be nearly everybody’s darling, so her design gathered the most hearts within the last weeks voting period. This may be because it’s such a nice design, but it may also be an advantage to present a preview from the expected shirt. This helps definately to imagine how the product would look like.. And possibly this is the last decission making detail. Who knows ;) We are happy to announce another german artist as a winner, as this does not happen that often. Congrats to you, Mrs Alex!

american discovery

Space burger:
American Discovery? by Miss_Alex


I have to admit, it’s been a bit complicated. When looking at the scores of our participants you might wonder why we did not chose FromDan or Krikoui as a winner. In fact, both designers licenced their designs on other plattforms already. Therefore Routchy aka J.Croyal entered the stage and won the price. This might sound weird but you can be sure he was very happy about the news. Congrats to you! (you`ll find more info to this issue below)

Des Chats Dans La Rue

Cats in the hood
Des Chats Dans La Rue von J.Croyal


The prophecy became the truth

Some of you already asked what happens if a design was chosen to be a winner, which already has been licenced elsewhere. Now this became reality but we’re far away from beeing surprised and helpless.
As already mentioned, nobody will be forced to accept our licence offer or to cancel older contracts. We are aware of this weak point and we will take action on that. If you want to know how the actual contest process is described, please read here: The New Contest – How does it work?

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