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Meet Adrian Johnson

From J3Concepts (Crew), on 2009-03-25 at 09:30

Adrian Johnson is an illustrator based out of the UK. I’ve been following his work for quite some time now and have really gotten to love his style.

He recently did an interview with Grain Edit that’s worth a quick read.

He has a great mix between vintage toons and modern ideas.

Feel free to browse his gallery or you can view a few of his works below.

I think I might offer Adrian an invite to laFraise ;)

3 Responses to “Meet Adrian Johnson”

  1. rogerg Says:

    nice find! i love the king on his horse.

  2. Clumsy_Lobster Says:

    I think you should definitely, definitely get this guy’s imgaes on lafraise t-shirts – pleeeeeeeease! The samurai and the king on the horse get my votes.

    I love lafraise!

  3. Sublevel Says:

    I so would buy this one: http://www.adrianjohnson.org.uk/store/item/6

    Great find!

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