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A new and improved laFraise!

From Michael (Crew), on 2013-12-04 at 08:00

A new and improved laFraise!

A big HOWAYA to everyone!

Finally, it’s there. A new broom sweeps clean: we are incredibly proud to be able to announce the new laFraise! The new platform is online. And this is just the first step of many to come. laFraise has received a brand new foundation on which we are going to build something completely new. We have also completely redeveloped our website, given it a new look and brushed up our logo as well.

What’s new at laFraise:

+ laFraise has been optimised for mobile devices so that surfing our site on the go is more fun

+ you can now log in with Facebook or Twitter

+ designs do not just disappear after seven days – now every design uploaded to the platform stays online and can still receive feedback and rating

+ rating a design becomes much easier and transparent as we have introduced a ’like‘ button

+ a new functionality called ‘follow’ will make sure that you will not miss new design uploads  by your favourite designers

What stays the same at laFraise:

+ we have migrated all data from the old to the new platform. Your profile remains in place while receiving a visual overhaul.

+ your login data should have remained unaffected. In case you should have encountered any problems, please get in touch with our service.

+ our laFraise shop will have a host of really cool and brilliantly printed products on offer for you.

+ laFraise will keep awarding two top designs with €1,000 per week .

What’s gonna change at laFraise:

We have now separated the gallery from the contest, and there won’t be any curating by Thomas anymore. You will be responsible for your portfolio yourself. This also means that not any design submitted to the platform automatically takes part in the contest.

From now on there will be a separate contest for every week of the year. For this we will create a shortlist of recent uploads that will be included in next week’s contest. This might sound a bit unusual now, but once we get going with the first contest the procedure will be easily comprehensible immediately.

Why do we do it? Simple: the whole process should become as lucid as possible. We can now conduct contests that concentrate on a particular theme without causing added work for you.  This way we can foster new talent. Moreover, we don’t run the risk of losing great designs any longer only because they didn’t win in a week that saw stiff competition.

What does laFraise hold in store:

As mentioned before, this is just the beginning of a new approach. We want to introduce a few new features to make both the contests and the site itself more fun and interesting. And we will need to move the old shop to the new platform (unfortunately we couldn’t do this immediately). So there’s a lot to look forward to in 2014!

We hope that you’ll be having a lot of fun with the new site, and that you’ll enjoy submitting your new contributions even more. We take great heart from what we have been able to change so far, and we look forward to getting your feedback!

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  1. Letter_Q Says:

    Looks and sounds nice!! :) :)

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